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Interactive Section Tables Help


The Edit option is used to review and edit cross-section geometric and engineering properties in the active table.

IST does not recalculate engineering properties when you edit geometric or engineering values. Engineering properties are calculated only when the section is created. If you choose to edit sections, it is your responsibility to ensure correct engineering property values for the section.

Table - Displays the current table where the new section is created. Use the Open Existing Table command to change the active table.

Section Type - Select a section type for the cross-section. Depending on which section type you select, different definition parameters display.

Pattern - Select this field to enter a pattern used in locating a section name. The following wildcards can be used in this field:

* - Match to any characters

? - Match any single character

# - Match any single numeric character

[ ] - Match any characters in brackets

[^] - Do not match any characters following the symbol in brackets

Current Section - Displays the current section.

Units - Displays the current working units.