Review/Edit - PDS - Help

Interactive Section Tables Help


The Review/Edit command reviews or edits sections in the active section table.

Table - Displays the active table. Use the Open Existing Table command to change the active table.

Section Type - Select the active section type. Only sections that match the selected section type display in the list.

Pattern - Select this field to enter a pattern used in locating a section name. For example --- W24* will display all W24 beams in the list box. The following wildcards can be used in this field:

  • * - Match to any characters

  • ? - Match any single character

  • # - Match any single numeric character

  • [ ] - Match any characters in brackets

  • [^] - Do not match any characters following the symbol in brackets

Current Section - Displays the current section. To change it, select a different section from the list box.

Edit - Choose to display the current section's properties in the Review/Edit dialog box. See Edit for more information.

Place - Choose to place the current section in your design file. See Place for more information.

Delete - Choose to delete the current section. See Delete (see Delete ) for more information.

Restore - Choose to undelete a section. See Restore for more information.