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Interactive Section Tables™ (IST) is a general section table utilities package that defines, reviews, and modifies geometry and engineering properties associated with cross-sections. This allows you to create and edit standard, thin-wall, arbitrary, and dimensioned sections. IST stores the graphic cross-sections in a cell library for use in placing members with other software packages. Engineering properties associated with the cross-sections are stored in a section table. These engineering properties are automatically calculated based on user-defined parameters and can be edited after calculation.

All calculations performed by IST use double-precision floating point numbers.

IST can also be used to define project-specific section tables. In addition, the engineering properties of both two- and three-dimensional shapes that you have created can be calculated. IST calculates these properties about the centroid of the shapes or any centroid you designate. The calculations are displayed on the screen, but can be output to an ASCII file for further review.

For more information, see IST Workflow.

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