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Integrating EcoSys with SAP Connector

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Follow the steps below for each Enterprise Service to configure the service bindings:

  1. Search for the Enterprise Service. Set the search criteria to “Object Name is…” and copy and paste the full Enterprise Service name, including the /INGR prefix. such as “/INGR/ECO_ACTIVITIES_PROJECT

    1. If no records are returned from the search, then verify that all Enterprise Services exist in the “SE80” transaction code.

  2. Click the link for the Enterprise Service and then click the Create Service button to define the service binding.

  3. For Service Information, get the values from the table above for Service Name, Service Description Text and New Binding Name.

  4. Click Next.

  5. For the Provider Security, leave all the default values, except the Authentication Settings. Enable User ID/Password under Transport Channel Authentication and click Next.

  6. For SOAP Protocol, leave all default values and click Finish.

    The new Service Binding will be displayed.