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In the case where many mapping changes need to be made, it is possible to completely reset the SAP data back to the original unmapped state.

This is done separately for Commitments and Actuals by running the following actions for a selected project from the SAP Project Mapping Screen:

  • Pull PO Line items to Mapped Objects

  • Pull Actuals to Mapped Objects

This process will reassign all transactions back to the original SAP object they were imported to. The PO Cost and Actuals amounts will reflect the total unmapped values on the left side panel and zero out the values on the right side.

Once all corrections have been made to the mapping rules, the transactions can simply be pushed again to the EcoSys cost control structure.

Note that when transactions are pulled, the costs will no longer show in the EcoSys Commitments or Actuals dashboards until they are pushed back again.