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Integrating EcoSys with SAP Connector

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The SAP Connector provides a specialized dashboard for optional WBS to CBS mapping. This provides the ability to map the SAP project structure to an alternate EcoSys project structure. This allows transaction costs from SAP to roll-up to the EcoSys cost control structure.

This process should be used when a project structure other than SAP is used for cost control in EcoSys.

It is possible to perform many-to-one mapping from SAP to EcoSys. Meaning, that it is possible to map many SAP objects (such as WBS, Activity or Order) to a single EcoSys cost object.

The mapping process works by defining rules which instruct the integration to reassign transactions from the SAP object, such as WBS or Activity, to an EcoSys Cost Object. This is a very efficient process since the owner object of the transaction is simply changed to the target object when the mapping rules are run. There are no duplicate copies of transactions maintained.

The target EcoSys cost object must be set as the Cost Control Level since this is where all costs are managed in EcoSys.

The original SAP object is also in a field called SAP Original Object Path so it is always possible to know where the transaction originally came from. This also allows a transaction to be re-mapped, if desired. See the section below on Correcting Mapping Rules for more details on this process.