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Integrating EcoSys with SAP Connector

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The SAP Mapping Method specifies whether the project will take advantage of the CBS to WBS mapping functionality of the SAP Connector.

The SAP Mapping Method can be set to either “Mapped” or “Non-Mapped”.

  • A "Non-Mapped" project will import the SAP project structure as the primary cost control structure within EcoSys. The SAP project structure will be the cost object structure which is seen in the main EcoSys screen layouts, such as Project Structure, Earned Value, Actuals, Commitments, etc.

  • A "Mapped" project should be used when a different project structure is used for cost control in EcoSys. This allows the SAP Commitments and Actuals to be mapped and roll-up to the primary EcoSys cost control structure. The SAP project structure for mapped projects will only be shown in the SAP Project Mapping screen.

See the section on WBS to CBS Data Mapping for more details on how the SAP Connector works with mapped projects.