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Integrating EcoSys with SAP Connector

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The SAP Connector requires a project to first be created within EcoSys. You can then assign an SAP Project to the EcoSys Project for integration. This is done by selecting the appropriate project from the "SAP Project" field.

In the EcoSys Project Setup screen, follow the steps below to setup a project for SAP integration:

  1. Assign the Project-level Cost Object Category named "SAP Project" with the SAP Project ID.

  2. Set the Project-level Cost Object Category named "SAP Project Import" to "Y".

  3. Choose the "SAP Mapping Method" – defaults to "Non-Mapped".

  4. Choose the "SAP Import Group" – defaults to "Default".


The EcoSys Connect Job Action "ITG SAP Project to Cost Object Category" will load the list of eligible SAP Projects to the "SAP Project" Cost Object Category. This action should be scheduled to run nightly so the project list remains up to date.