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Integrating EcoSys with SAP Connector

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The following prerequisites are required for the SAP Connector:

  • EcoSys Standard Product 4.11 or later

  • EcoSys Connect R3.1, or later

    • Clients have the option of installing EcoSys Connect in Azure AKS or Linux. Refer to the relevant install document.

  • SAP S/4 HANA or ECC.

Installation Components

The SAP Connector setup is comprised of the following components:

  • SAP ABAP Transport Request

    • SAP Function Modules which should be imported to the SAP.

    • Out of the box SAP BAPI’s are used as much as possible, but some SAP ABAP modules have been developed in order to provide access to important fields as well as for performance considerations.

    • Download the appropriate transport files according to whether you are using S/4 HANA or ECC.

  • EcoSys Standard Product Configuration (ECM File)

    • Several API’s and EcoSys dashboard screens have been developed to support the SAP Connector. These are available in Standard Product version 4.11. This configuration can be imported into existing client environments.

  • EcoSys Connect Configuration (JSON File)

    • EcoSys Connect configuration must be imported.

    • The SAP Transport Request and EcoSys API’s must be in place prior to importing the EcoSys Connect JSON file.

    • The same EcoSys Connect configuration can be used for both S/4 HANA and ECC.