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  1. Calculate internal pipe diameter at flow temperature:

  2. Calculate correction factor for steam quality. (For liquid, water, and gas, Fs=1):

  3. Calculate scale reading factor:

  4. Calculate differential pressure at normal flow rate:

  5. Calculate Pipe Reynolds number at normal flow rate:

  6. Calculate first estimate for b ratio:

    1. For Venturi tubes:

    2. For other Flow meters:

  7. Calculate gas expansion factor (for liquid and water, Eps = 1).

    1. For square-edge orifice with 21/2D and 8D pipe taps:

    2. For Lo-Loss tubes, Venturi tubes and nozzles:

    3. For eccentric orifices:

    4. For square-edge orifices specified in ISO 5167-2003 (flange tappings, corner tappings, and radius tappings):

    5. For other Flow meters:

  8. Calculate discharge coefficient.For more information see the Appendix.

  9. Calculate new b - ratio

  10. Calculate the relative change in b - ratio.

  11. Repeat steps 7 to 10 until the relative change in the b -ratio is less than 0.0001.

  12. Calculate orifice diameter at flow temperature:

    1. For all Flow meters except Segmental orifices:

    2. Segmental orifices:

      1. Calculate Segmental radius:

      2. Calculate Segmental height at flow temperature using the equation:

        For further calculation of Segmental orifices, HS and HS0 are analogous to d and d0 respectivly.

  13. Calculate orifice diameter at ambient temperature:

    1. For Lo-Loss tube, nozzles and Venturi tubes:

    2. For other orifices:

  14. For quarter of circle (Quadrant Edge) orifice, calculate radius