Hydrodynamic Noise: IEC Standard - Intergraph Smart Instrumentation - 13.1 - Reference - Hexagon PPM

Integraph Smart Instrumentation Sizing Equations

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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
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*D2 [m], P1 [Pa-a], P2 [Pa-a], PV [Pa-a], Pc [Pa-a], W[kg/s]

  1. Calculate the downstream speed of sound:

  2. Calculate characteristic pressure ratio:

  3. Calculate Differential pressure ratio

  4. Calculate Ring frequency

  5. Calculate Internal sound power level

    • Case Xr<Xfz - Non-cavitating flow

    • Case Xf=> Xfz - Cavitating flow

    1. Calculate Liquid critical pressure ratio factor

    2. Calculate Differential pressure

    3. Calculate Lwi

  6. Calculate Un-weighted extenral sound power levels

  7. Calculate External A-weighted sound power level

  8. Calculate External A-weighted sound pressure level