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The product software supports the use of multiple worker processes for the application pool of your primary site. Multiple worker processes are also supported for any secondary site application pools, where you can offload applications from the primary application server to an alternate secondary server for processes like the scheduler and batch printing. The optimal value to use is dependent on your system usage and available resources, such as the number of processors, number of applications, number of users, and so on.

The maximum number of worker processes that can be configured for the license, cache, and configuration services application pools is limited to one: multiple worker processes are not supported for these application pools.

  1. Launch IIS Manager.

  2. Select Application Pools in the tree view.

  3. Select the application pool for your primary site. For example, select SPFServer.

  4. Click Advanced Settings.

  5. Expand the Process Model section of the settings list.

  6. Set a value for Maximum Worker Processes.

  7. Click OK.

  8. Recycle the application pool.