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  1. Launch IIS Manager.

  2. Select the server icon.

  3. Double-click ASP under the IIS section.

    The ASP role service must be installed in IIS in order to access these configuration properties.

  4. Expand the Limits Properties item in the Behavior section.

  5. Set the properties as noted below and click Apply to save the changes.


    Default value

    Updated value

    Maximum Requesting Entity Body Limit



    Queue Length



    Response Buffering Limit



    Threads Per Processor Limit



  • These settings are suggestions only. You can fine tune the settings based on your performance requirements. See the Microsoft Support Knowledge Base for more information on IIS configuration.

  • Properties set at the server level will apply to all sites on that server.

  • If you will be using the Integration functionality, be sure to enable the Script option on the Edit Feature Permissions dialog box for the SPFViewDir site.

  • For operations that require publishing or retrieving large files, you can also increase the default values for the following properties, accessed via the IIS Manager's Configuration Editor, in the system.web/httpRuntime section:

    • executionTimeout - Set this value, in seconds, to the amount of time required for the operation to finish.

    • maxRequestLength - Set this value, in kilobytes (KB), to a value large enough to accommodate the maximum file size of the operation.

If you configure automatic recycling of your application pools while also running scheduled tasks in SmartPlant Foundation, be sure to set the application pool's Shutdown Time Limit for a duration that would allow all scheduled jobs in progress to complete should the recycle be initiated while the job is still running. For example, if a scheduled task such as a load operation could take twenty minutes to complete, make sure the Shutdown Time Limit (in seconds) is set to a value greater than twenty minutes.