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The following default timeout settings are set in the Server Manager Settings node, the web.config file, and the IIS Application Server Manager in both the staging and target sites. When exporting large data sets using Data Validator, these default settings allow for the successful export of a data set of 50,000 documents, each with files attached less than 1 KB in size:

File name and location


Default value

Site Settings node in SDx Server Manager

Connection Timeout [SQL Server]

1200 seconds


300000 seconds


108000000 milliseconds

DBCommandTimeoutSeconds [Oracle]

108000 seconds


108000000 milliseconds



Web.config file located at [Install drive]\SDx Server Files\Web_Sites\[your_SDVsite_name]

httpRuntime executionTimeout

108000 seconds

closeTimeout, openTimeout, receiveTimeout, and sendTimeout of netNamedPipeBinding, netTcpBinding, netTcpBindingNoSecurity

04:00:00 (hh:mm:ss)

closeTimeout of WebHttpBinding

00:59:00 (hh:mm:ss)

IIS Application Pools Advanced Settings

IdleTime-out (minutes) for site


IdleTime-out (minutes) for site FileService


If any timeouts are seen using these default settings, you can increase the settings for the larger data set, such as for 150,000 tags or more. However, any changes made are dependent on other factors, such as the system's setup, processor speed, network speed, and so on. Contact your administrator for the correct timeout setting.

When exporting large data sets using Data Validator, we also recommend that you increase the maximum number of worker processes for the SDx server application pool of your primary site for a successful export. For example, <Product_Short>Server. However, this is dependent on your system's setup.

File name and location


Recommended value

IIS Application Pools Advanced Settings > [Primary Site]

Maximum Worker Processes for site


  • The optimal value to use is dependent on your system usage and available resources, such as the number of processors, number of applications, number of users, and so on.

  • If you are exporting a large data set of 10,000 or more documents with attached files, we recommend that the VTLExportFileUploadBatchSize property in the Site Settings node in the SDx Server Manager is set to 25.