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2020 (5.0)

The following Inspections Steps have changed.

Inspection with [x] input: the options were text (alpha numeric characters) or numeric. Additional options have been added.

  1. Inspection with 3 input (alpha numeric)

  2. Inspection with 4 input (alpha numeric)

  3. Inspection with 5 input (alpha numeric)

  4. Inspection with 6 input (alpha numeric)

  5. Inspection with 8 input (alpha numeric)

You may now choose between:

  • Label: Choose this if you need to add a label. The Field Worker will not provide any answer.

  • Text: Choose this if the Field Worker will enter both text and numbers.

  • Numeric: Choose this if the Field Worker will only enter numbers.

  • Checkbox: Choose this if you want the Field Worker to check a box.

In addition to the changes made to the existing steps in the previous section, we have added two steps that follow the same logic:

  1. Inspection with 9 input (alpha numeric).

  2. Inspection with10 input (alpha numeric).

Loop Inspection Steps: Users can now search and identify the loop devices in the following steps:

  • Loop Rising & Fall

  • Loop Action

  • Loop Double Test

  • Loop Function Test

After choosing the Inspection Point in the Task Model, use the gear icon to choose Select Loop Devices and Allow Adding Steps.

When a field user completed the Loop Task, they can click on the search icon to load a list of possible loop devices. Clicking on the plus sign will bind the device to the step. The Add Step button allows them to add multiple devices in the Loop.

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