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2020 (5.0)

The Work Package Audit Manager enables you to add a second level of validation for Work Package steps to ensure they have been completed correctly. The auditing user can develop a random or structured set of Work Steps into a Work Package Audit (WPA), which can be completed on the iOS app. Both non-started and completed Work Steps are available. Non-Started work steps can be verified as Ready/Not Ready. Completed Work Steps can be assigned Accept/Reject status. Changing the status in the Work Package Audit will not change the status of the task itself. If you Reject a Work Step in the Audit package, it will not change the status of the task to Rejected. The workflow for performing an audit is separate from any work step or task completion.

Any Task-Centric steps will also provide a link to task in question. You will not be able to execute the task from the Audit Manager. Any changes made to the form will not sync. Only the Audit information can be changed from here. In future releases, the linked task form will show as locked to anyone who accesses it from the Audit.

You can flag any Work Package Steps to include in an audit.

To create a Work Package Audit, complete the following steps.

  1. Click the gear icon, and search for Work Package Steps.

  2. Click Search to load all existing steps or use the search panel to filter the results.

  3. Select the steps to be included by highlighting the necessary rows.

  4. Click the Audit button on the bottom ribbon to compile the steps into a package.

  5. This Audit package will be available on the iOS app for checkout and syncing for offline work.