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2020 (5.0)

Work Packages can contain both Volume-centric and Task-centric steps. A Task step links an existing Task as a step in the Work Package. To create these, you must create a Task Model and a Task within the system. Volume-centric steps are measurements that are not associated with an already created task. For example, if the step simply requires the field user to document the amount of concrete that has been poured, then a task model is not required. A configuration in the Work Step Type Manager will be used instead. The step can be imported as a volume step.

Previously, all work steps were added by importing. Task-centric steps, however, can now be assigned within vWorkPackages. Any existing tasks can be assigned from the Planned Tasks tab within a Work Package. Once these have been selected, save the record, and click Add Work Steps for Tasks to create the steps.

Please contact your support representative to determine if you should use this module, as it can require more set up work. The Job Cards Manager is designed for everything else.