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HxGN Smart Completions Release Notes(5.3.8)

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Added Rejected State for Paper Task Work flow

When a paper based task needs to be rejected, you can opt the Reject option and add comments for rejection in the pop up window. This action would be logged and available in the change log section and an acknowledgment for the same is triggered. After a task is rejected, the task will be in rejected state and you can either Reset it or Complete it.

Add Filters & Searches for Task States in Preservation by Tasks

You can filter the subtasks in secondary panel by entering the required task status of the preservation task.

Add new field in preservation task log export for PR instance task status

You can view the Status of a preservation task with details under the Task Status section present in the secondary panel.

Change to Rights, Complete Right required to Reject a Task

With manage rights, you can undo submission, completion or closing of your own tasks. Otherwise you would have to reject or revoke tasks.

Wizard Button - Add ability to bulk assign Parent Task Dependencies (loop, pack)

You can bulk assign the predecessors to all the child tasks by clicking Link_predecessor. The system will not allow you to close or complete the parent task, until all the child tasks are completed or closed.

Added Responsible company as a Package Filter to Handover Packages

Separate HOP is created for each Responsible Company, if you select multiple options within the Responsible Company list. Individual Company will have its own Tasks, Punchlists and Certificates associated with it.

Importing - Data Validation for Planned Task Import

This feature helps to tag task any related document to a planned task. Once you have specified or mapped the data as these mandatory Field Names: Task ID and Task Model (Name) you can look up for the import log under the Pre-Import Analysis tab.