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In this lab, we'll learn how to create TruViews of site scans that are scanned using BLK2GO.

First, make sure you have completed the following labs:

  1. Open Cyclone CORE and select the required project.

  2. Right-click the project and select Import.

  3. Browse your computer and select the .e57 file that we exported in the Register the site scans with Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 lab.

    Next, we must insert cameras to mimic the scan locations using the BLK2GO scan data.

  4. Open the ModelSpace that contains the merged scan and COE model.

  5. Click Create Object > Insert > Camera to manually insert the cameras at the TruView scan station locations. Think of this as virtually placing a scanner, as you typically would in the field.

    SHARED Tip When you zoom-out, you should see a camera inserted at the centre of the ModelSpace. When you publish the site scans to TruView, the cameras will represent scanner locations.