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What happens when a site scan is registered?

Process of attaching or stitching multiple scan sites into one file is called registration. There must be at least three common scanned points to register two site scans.

You can register multiple site scans easily using Cyclone CORE or the Cyclone REGISTER 360 applications. Once the registration is done, you can publish the registered site scan into a required file format, for example, E57 format. You can also align the site scan by visually adjusting the scans until they align. This process of visually aligning the sites and registering is called Visual Registration.

What is Leica Cyclone CORE?

Leica Cyclone CORE is a scanning and point processing application for efficient operation of all the Leica High Definition Surveying (HDS) systems. Cyclone has become the industry standard for capturing point-clouds, processing and integrating the point-clouds into conventional CAD applications.

Cyclone CORE has different modules which you can activate by purchasing the licenses. The screenshot below lists all the different modules that are included in Cyclone CORE. In the following labs, we will use Cyclone REGISTER and Cyclone REGISTER 360 to register the site scans.

Cyclone REGISTER 360 is a new registration application and it is NOT part of Cyclone CORE.