Upload the site scans to TruView Cloud - HxGN Smart Build - 4.0 U6 (4.0.6) - Training - Hexagon PPM

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HxGN Smart Build
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To perform this lab, make sure you have:

  • Installed a licensed versions of Cyclone CORE and TruView Pack and Go applications on your computer.

  • Completed the Creating TruViews for BLK2GO lab.

  1. Open the TruView Cloud with the credentials provided to you.

  2. Click Add Sites+ and open the folder where the TVG file was created using the Pack and Go tool.

  3. Drag and drop the TVG file into TruView Cloud, and then click Start to access the TruView site scans.

  4. Now, we can access the scanned sites in the TruView Cloud.