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In this lab, you will learn how to align the 3D model in COE format and the site scan.

To perform the lab, make sure you:

  • Log in to Smart Build Insight with the appropriate access credentials.

  • Are assigned to the necessary project.

  • Created necessary work packages and attached model elements in Smart Build Insight

  • Project is integrated with TruView system.

SHARED Tip Leica Cyclone CORE application supports COE file format.

  1. Open Cyclone CORE application and right-click the Hexagon 305 Bldg database to import the COE file.

  2. Select Import and then browse your computer to open the COE file.

    SHARED Tip Point cloud data which is registered on the same site coordinates as the building model can be used to merge with the planned progress model. Cyclone CORE application helps to merge both the planned progress model (.COE) and Registered point cloud data provided they are both on the same coordinate system.

  3. Open the planned progress model, which is imported into Cyclone CORE application, Click Selection > Select All. All the model objects will get selected.

  4. For copying all the Model objects from the Model space Go to Edit > Copy.

  5. Open the Registered scan data in Cyclone CORE and Go to Edit > Paste all the Copied COE Model objects into the registered scan world.