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In this lab, to export the planned 3D model in COE format, open Smart Build Insight and navigate to the desired project.

To perform this lab, make sure that you have:

  • Installed a licensed version of REGISTER 360 application on your computer

  • Saved at least one scan site on your local machine, or the BLK2GO scanner is connected to Cyclone REGISTER 360 via Wi-Fi. You can find the password on the battery panel of the scanner.

  1. In Smart Build, on the hamburger menu, click Digital Reality > TruView .

  2. On the Model View tab, select By Planned Date option.

  3. Click the Select a planned date box and select October 14th, 2021 from the calendar.

    Planned date should match the date on which the site was scanned. This way you can verify the progress of the 3D model compared to the site scan in TruView.

  4. Click EXPORT TO COE.

    All the 3D model elements that should have been completed on the selected planned date are exported into COE file format. The COE file is automatically downloaded to your computer.