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In this lab, you will learn how to register a BLK2GO site scans (.b2g file format) using Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 application, and extract them into E57 file format.

You can register the BLK2GO site scans using either Cyclone REGISTER or Cyclone REGISTER 360 applications.

To perform this lab, make sure you have:

  • Installed a licensed version of Cyclone REGISTER 360 application on your local machine.

  • Saved at least one scan site on your local machine, or the BLK2GO scanner is connected to Cyclone REGISTER 360 via Wi-Fi. You can find the password on the battery panel of the scanner.

  1. To create a project, click Open Project on the toolbar at the top.

  2. Click Create New Project.

  3. Enter a name for the project, and then click OK.

    The application creates and opens the new project. You should see a home page similar to the sample graphic below.

Registration of scans is done in four steps in Register 360 application which is segmented in four different tabs > Import, Review and Optimize, Finalize, Report.

Import the site scan from BLK2GO scanner

  1. In the IMPORT wizard, click the drop-down in the right panel.

    A list of different scanner types are displayed.

  2. Select BLK2GO.

  3. If the BLK2GO is connected to Wi-Fi, you should see its serial number listed in the Devices drop-down.

  4. Select the required scanner and click Connect.

  5. Click Add to Project.

    You should now see all the available Walks from scanner on the IMPORT panel.

  6. Listed under each Walk is size of scan, duration and the number of GeoTags.

  7. Select the necessary Walks to import.

  8. Under Trajectory Settings, enter 3.00ft for WayPoints interval as shown in the sample graphic below. By default, it is set to 10m or 30 feet

    WayPoints are inserted setup positions that only contain panoramic image data. The shorter the interval, the more WayPoints will be created. Each WayPoint will take approximately 30-40 seconds to import. Therefore, import time increases if the there are more Wayponits.

    When finished, you should see a point cloud with several WayPoints that contain panoramic image data from a position along the trajectory.

  9. Select the Save copy to local folder and then browse to choose a location where you want to download the scan data. Select *.b2g file extension.

    SHARED Tip We recommend that you always store a backup of your raw data.

  10. Click Import.

    Once the import is complete, you will get a success notification as shown in the sample graphic below.

  11. Click OK.

    You will be navigated to REVIEW AND OPTIMIZE tab.

Review and optimize the imported site scan

  1. In the REVIEW AND OPTIMIZE wizard, user can use the imported data to register them together to build a full-fledged 3D model

  2. Registration of BLK2GO scans can be done by Visual Alignment or by importing a .txt file which contains the control points. For registration through Visual Alignment, user can register two scans/walks at once. A single way point from each of the two Scans/Walks must be selected

  3. Click Visual Alignment and the scans are displayed in two colors.

    Scan in orange is static and its position is fixed, however you can manipulate and move the blue scan to align it with the orange scan using the tools available at the top and bottom of the wizard.

    Tools such as orbit, pan, rotate cloud, fence, restore points and show cleaned points.

  4. Use the tilt, edit in side view, join and lock, and join and optimize available at the bottom to align the blue scan with orange scan data.

  5. If necessary, use the Correct Tilt option to correct the tilt and align the scans.

  6. If you are satisfied with the alignment as shown in the preview, click Join and Optimize.

Finalize the registration

  1. Verify the acceptance metrics and accept the changes.

    SHARED Tip Acceptance Metrics are used to analyze the quality of the site scan. You can accept or reject the changes based on the metrics.

  2. Click Accept.

Generate the report and publish the site scan

  1. On the Report tab, if necessary, you can modify the report options.