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In this lab, you’ll learn how to register the site scans with Cyclone REGISTER.

To perform this lab, make sure you have:

  • Connected BLK360 or BLK2GO to iPad via Wi-Fi

  • Scanned the construction site and the site scan is available.

  • Installed a licensed version of Cyclone CORE on your local machine.

  • Installed a licensed version of Cyclone Field 360 on iPad.

  1. Launch the Cyclone CORE application.

    You can create projects, model spaces, model space views, scan worlds, registrations, and key plans in the Navigator wizard.

  2. To create a database, right click any unshared server, and then select Databases.

  3. To create a new database, click Add.

  4. In the Database Name box, type TV Local.

  5. To import the site scan from your computer, browse and select the Hexagon 305 Bldg.imp file.

    SHARED Tip Individual scans from each scan station can be Imported into Cyclone CORE in two other alternative ways stated below:

  6. To connect the Cyclone CORE application to the BLK360 scanner via Wi-Fi, right-click TV Local database and select Import/Manage BLK360.

  7. Select all the listed scans and then click Import.

  8. If the scans are saved in Local system, file format for these files would be (.blk) and these files can be Imported to Cyclone CORE application with Right Click on Project > Import as Auto Align project > Import Project Files.. and select the desired folder where scan files are saved then click Open.

  9. A separate dialog box appears, Check on Auto Align Scans and Use Smart Align box and click OK.

  10. A new window Smart Align appears, Click on one scan and Place it on another for aligning both the scans.

  11. Click on Align to Register both the individual scans into one

  12. Click OK to continue after the Registration is done.

  13. Registering of two scans is completed and comes under Group1 node.

  14. These two options are the alternative methods of getting the scan data into Cyclone CORE, if this second method is used, continue the workflow from step No.16

  15. Upon successful import of scan files executed in step No.5, all the scans will be displayed under the database created ‘Hexagon 305 Bldg’

    Now, with the scans available in the database, proceed to register them together.

  16. Select Create > Registration to register the scans.

    A new node "Registration 1" will be created under the same database. This Registration1 node can be renamed as per the requirement

  17. Right click on Registration1 node and select Open