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In this lab, you'll learn how to scan a construction site using either Leica laser scanner BLK360 or BLK2GO.

Make sure BLK2GO or BLK360 scanners are connected to the mobile or iPad via WiFi, and the Cyclone Field360 app is installed to get immediate feed.

Using the Leica BLK360 scanner

  1. Place the BLK360 scanner on the tripod.

  2. Long press the start button to switch on the scanner.

    A green LED indicates that the scanner is On.

  3. Connect the BLK360 to the iPad via Wi-Fi. You can find the password on the battery panel.

  4. Upon successful connection, open the Cyclone Field360 app > Create a project > Trigger a scan.

    A blinking yellow LED indicates that the scan is running.

  5. Once the scan is complete, LED turns back to green.

    The scan is immediately streamed to the Field360 application if the scanner is connected through Wi-Fi.

SHARED Tip Continue the same process to capture on field to get several scans at different scan locations.

Using the Leica BLK2GO scanner

  1. Press the power button to turn on the BLK2GO.

    The ring-shaped LED starts blinking yellow indicating that the instrument is booting up.

  2. When the LED turns green, the BLK2GO is ready. You can continue scanning in stand-alone mode or connect it to a device and then scan. Follow the instructions on the app to establish the connection.

  3. Place the BLK2GO on the tripod, and then press the power button to start scanning.

  4. The LED starts blinking yellow, indicating that the scanner is initializing.

    When the LED starts blinking green, it indicates that the scanner is initialized and started scanning.

  5. Take the BLK2GO scanner and start walking slowly in front of the target sites that you want to scan..

    SHARED Tip While the BLK2GO is scanning, press the power button by a quick click to take a detailed picture with the camera. One green blink LED indicates that the picture has been captured successfully.

  6. Press the power button to stop scanning.

    The LED should start blinking in yellow, indicating the the scanner is saving the scan. Once scan has been saved, the LED turns green.

While scanning with BLK2GO:

  • Walk as slow as you can in a constant pace, and make sure your movements (turns/changing scanner direction) are also slow and steady. For example, take 3 to 5secs to walk in front of the targets.

  • Walk several times in front of targets.

  • When importing the site scans, set the WayPoints density enough to apply control using SetUp/WayPoints option.