Obtain Client ID and Secret to intergrate TruView with Smart Build Insight - HxGN Smart Build - 4.0 U6 (4.0.6) - Training - Hexagon PPM

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In this lab, you’ll learn how to retrieve TruView application Client ID and Client Secret. TruView integration follows OAuth protocol for authentication which requires Client ID and Client Secret.

  1. Log into TruView application using admin credentials.

  2. On the top navigation bar, click Administration and select Manage Client Apps.

  3. In Manage Client Apps, click Add Application.

  4. Fill in the details as shown below in the Client Application definition dialog box and then click Ok.

    SHARED Tip Callback URL needs to be set depending on the server Smart Build Insight being used. URL need the suffix /truview/callback which is constant.

  5. For the created client application, click and copy the key.

    Client application name is the Client ID and key that is copied to your clipboard is the Client secret.

  6. Save the Client ID and Secret to use them in the next lab.