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In this lab, you'll learn how to create an issue from the TruView Viewer, issue that you might have found during the visual inspection of the scan.

  1. In the TruView Viewer, click New Issue on the toolbar.

  2. Locate the issue on the scan and click to pick a location.

    When you pick the location, the software creates the issue along with the geotag.

  3. Enter all the required details.

  4. Assign the issue to a Project Manager and then click ADD.

  5. Add the related 3D model elements. For example, add Slab, Slab Components and then click ADD.

  6. Click SUBMIT.

    SHARED Tip Clicking the geotag in the issue details panel takes you to the issue location in the scan so you don't have to manually locate it in the scan. Similarly, clicking the geotag in the scan automatically displays the respective issue details.

  7. Follow the Issue Management labs to assign this issue to a user and respond.