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Add the TruView integration

  1. On the hamburger menu, click Administrator Settings.

  2. In the Administrator Settings panel, select Integrations.

  3. In the Integrations panel, locate and expand the Digital Reality section.

  4. Click ADD to add a TruView server URL.

  5. Enter all the required details:

  6. After specifying all the required details, click ADD.

Connect a Smart Build project with TruView

  1. On the Overview page, expand the Project list and then click MANAGE PROJECTS.

  2. On the Training Project card, click Options > Edit.

  3. In the Edit Project Details panel, expand the Integrations section and then click ADD.

  4. In the Add Integration panel, choose TruView as the Integration Type.

  5. From the Integration System list, select the integration that you added in the previous lab and then click ADD.

  6. Click SAVE.