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Release Notes/Bulletin

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In this release, we focused on:

  • Administration: A new integration is available for viewing, but not fully functional yet. Our team is working hard to finalize it. Stay tuned for updates.

  • Common: Rebranding Smart Build Insight to improve the overall user interface for better aesthetics, greater consistency, and usability.

  • Cost Management: Added two new Actual Start Date and Actual End Date columns to the Cost grid.

  • Model Management: Added a new Regenerate graphics option to improve the quality, performance, and compatibility of older model files. Also, added a new High quality graphics toggle to choose whether to load high-quality or optimized models.

  • Schedule Management: Enhanced with a new grid format for the WBS, a Preferences option to choose what you want to see, the ability to filter and sort work packages using column filters, a Gantt View option to switch between Gantt and WBS grid views, and the ability to filter cost items while allocating quantities to a work package.

    A Show/Hide Model toggle in Production Planning. In Smart Visualization, updated the status colors for clarity, and the ability to compare Look Ahead and Schedule Planned views without changing the dates.

  • Smart Mapping: Improved 5D Mapping enables you to remove mappings in bulk that are obsolete. Other general enhancements to user interface to improve the overall user experience.

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