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Release Notes/Bulletin


  • We've added a new access permission to Cost Management. Only the right user or team member can see the cost details on a work package. For more information on how and who can control the access, see Assign permissions to roles. (PBI-12027)

  • With the new Assign Models setting, you can specify which model files to load automatically in a project for a user. This helps in optimizing model load time and performance. For more information, see Assign default model access to a user and Choose which model files to load. (PBI-17006)

    How does this affect existing projects?

    When you open an existing project, only the model files that you last selected in the Load Model Files > Default column will load automatically. However, you can always select which model files you want to load in the current session using the Loaded column.

    If you want a different model file to load automatically, contact your Smart Build Insight administrator.


  • For all schedule items, Name is the primary identifier and ID is the secondary identifier across all the features in Smart Build Insight. (PBI-6835; PBI-6836; PBI-6837; PBI-6962)

  • The model files hierarchy is now consistent across all the features in Smart Build Insight. You can see that the model files and folders are displayed exactly the way you have organized in Model Management > Manage Models. (CR-OT-19161)

  • We've added a new Show grids option to Settings > Model Options. You can now choose whether to see or hide the grid lines on the 3D model. (CR-OT-15842)

  • We’ve improved graphics rendering such that even the model elements at large coordinates are crisp and clear. (PBI-9572)

Cost Management

  • You can now compare cost data in Smart Build Insight with the cost data you receive from an external cost system such as Smart Build Controls or EcoSys. For more information, see Compare the cost data before uploading to Smart Build Insight. (CR-OT-18579)

  • In the Cost grid, we've added two new Actual Quantities and Actual Hours columns. They show the actual quantities and the time required to complete the work, respectively. (PBI-6709)

Digital Reality

In Multivista, you can now see the photo preview on the 3D model when you hover your mouse on an arrow that represents the photoshoot site. (CR-OT-21208)


Model Management

We've made several enhancements to this feature in this release.

  • You can add a model file directly to an existing folder. Sort the model files and folders based on size, name, and the date on which they were uploaded. For more information, see Organize uploaded model files into folders and Find a model file in the list. (CR-OT-19159; CR-OT-20961)

  • You can reorganize your files or folders by moving them to the required location just by dragging and dropping. (CR-OT-19158)