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HxGN Smart Build Insight Release Bulletin

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Release Bulletin


In Administration Settings, you can now create custom reference datasets at Global (tenant) and Project level. You can create reference datasets for issues and work packages. For example, you can create or add a new issue type instead using only the default issue types available in Smart Build. You can also use a global reference dataset in your project. For more information, see Creating a reference dataset. (RT-OT-15542)

Common Features

  • To enhance the user experience, the 3D view cube and the transparency slider are now positioned such that they are always accessible even when the right-side panel is open. (CR-OT-17675)

  • You can now measure distance and angle on or between the 3D model elements, and get coordinates of a point anywhere in the 3D model. Once you have made the measurements you can save them to a log, and later view them in the 3D model. (CR-OT-15560; CR-OT-15561; CR-OT-19193)

  • In the Manage Projects > Edit Project Details page, the Project ID and Name are always visible so that you are aware of the project for which you are making the changes. (CR-OT-15137)

  • We've improved the IFC file loading performance. Smart Build Insight can render waffle slabs 25% faster compared to other IFC model viewers. (CR-OT-18570)

Cost Management

  • We've now added an info icon on the sub-cost item as well. You can quickly view its cost hierarchy and related work steps when allocating cost. (CR-OT-19218)

  • We've added a new Schedule Performance Index (SPI) toggle, and SPI column to the cost grid. Turn on the SPI toggle and select a model element in the 3D model or select a SPI value from the cost grid and vice a versa to visualize the schedule performance in the 3D model. Based on your selection, the values of each cost item are highlighted as a new column in the cost grid and also in the 3D model. (CR-OT-19078; CR-OT-19079)