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Release Bulletin
  • TR-OT-17874 The expanding arrow is displayed incorrectly when searching for the items in the Project Name list using the search bar.

  • TR-OT-18916 Issues in Production Planning timeline when the WBS toggle is turned on/off or when the Overview menu is expanded or collapsed.

  • TR-OT-19133 Issue in expanding the tree randomly when the text in the Search box is cleared in both Schedule and Cost panels under 5D Management.

  • TR- OT-19592 Issue with the transparency slider when Scale and Layout in Display settings is 125%. The workaround is to change the default Zoom settings to less than 100% (approx. 85%) or change the Display settings to 100% (Recommended)

  • TR-OT-19790 Issue with the transparency slider when the browser window is minimized. The workaround is to maximize the browser window and change the default Zoom settings to 100%. We also recommend to set Scale and Layout in the Display settings to 100% if it is 125%.

  • TR-OT-17828 Collapse is not working as expected upon search in model filters Types and WBS tabs.

  • TR-OT-19727 The view cube and the transparency slider in Bill of Quantities are partially hidden under the panel when the panel is folded open.

  • TR-OT-19763 Model component selection is removed in 5D Mapping review screen when model highlights is applied.

  • TR-OT-19822 A non-admin user is unable to completely delete a project.