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Release Bulletin
  • TR-OT-17296 Fixed the rendering issue if model compare is done before the previously approved model file is loaded.

  • TR-OT-17936 PDFtron - Fixed the issue in rendering doc file that contains hidden formats and logo.

  • TR-OT-19065 Attachments icon is now visible when exporting the document using visible markups.

  • TR-OT-19124 Fixed the time taken for the IFC file to successfully process and update the model.

  • TR-OT-19164 Fixes the issue with filter remaining in place while the rest of the panel shifts to accommodate the hamburger menu in Scheduling and Issue modules.

  • TR-OT-19311 All codes-activity relationships that are associated in P6 are successfully associated automatically in Smart Build Insight after retrieving from P6.

  • TR-OT-19342 An incorrect toast message is displayed while changing the project, when the model upload is in progress.