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There are 3 main objectives of 5D Management:

  • Visualizing all 3 entities (Model, Schedule, and Cost) together such that if you select one of the three, the other two are highlighted, provided they are already mapped.

  • Cost-based weightage distribution: distributing the cost from Cost item to the work packages. This is necessary to achieve CPI visualization on the model and to do the earned value management (EVM) which is a popular method in the construction industry to measure progress.

  • Manual mapping of all the 3 entities (Model, Schedule, and Cost items).

This is accomplished using the Smart 5D Mapping described in section 9, or manually as mentioned in point 3 above.

Weightage example: Two work packages are connected to one cost item by Smart 5D Mapping. The user will distribute the cost manually be entering the weightages (%) in the appropriate field to distribute the cost among the work packages.

Cost Distribution to Work Packages.