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The planned Smart Build Insight Quantification module places two requirements on the model items used as input: geometric properties and classifying/differentiating properties to drive rule selection. See Model Requirements for more information.

The Quantification module is designed to produce derived quantities from geometric properties; therefore, it requires those geometric properties to be present on the model items.

The Quantification module is rules-based in that customers configure the module to create derived quantities through rules containing mathematical formulas that represent the functions to convert one or more geometric properties into a derived quantity.

But prior to the execution of that formula against a set of model items, it must match that rule to a set of model items. Each rule not only carries a formula used in the calculation of the quantity, but it also carries the selection criteria used to filter the entire model down to a discrete set of model items as input into that quantity rule.

So, we can say that the Quantification module places a requirement of some intelligence upon the model, but we cannot state exactly what that intelligence must be because the selection functionality is so flexible. We can state that the model items should be classified or coded with enough properties and property values such that rules can be defined to discretely select a set of matching model items from which that quantity should be derived.

Data Inconsistency Warning: We can also state that the names and values of the classifying properties should be consistent across model items if your goal is to match those model items with a single rule. For example, some model items having property name "ClassCode" versus some model items having "Class_Code".

Formwork is not typically modeled in design document but using derived quantities we can calculate the formwork required for many construction items such as Footings, Beams, Slabs, etc.

Figures 1 through 4 below show how we can quantify the formwork required using Classification Codes. Users can also use IFC based takeoff instead of Classification Codes in a similar way.

Example: Derived Quantity - Footing Formwork using Classification Code

Figure 1: Creation of QTO Recipe in Library

Figure 2. Execute QTO Command in 3D QTO

Figure 3. Bill of Quantities (BOQ) - Output of 3D QTO Recipe

Users can use the Generic Export Import feature (GEI) to import a custom BOQ Structure from MS Excel, and create a BOQ item to create a custom takeoff.

Figure 4: View the BOQ against the Model which shows the relevant Model items in a QTO Recipe