Retrieve a P6 EPPM schedule via API integration - HxGN Smart Build - Version 5.0 U2 (5.0.2) - Reference

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The first step is to establish in Smart Build Insight the integration with the P6 EPPM project.

The Schedule should be a complete hierarchy with WBS nodes and activities. The Activity ID and WBS ID should be different in the Schedule; if the Activity ID and the WBS ID both have the same value "A1010", it will result in an error during import of the P6 EPPM Schedule into Smart Build Insight.

When the Schedule is imported into Smart Build Insight, the activities in P6 are converted into work packages. In addition, if the metadata exists on these activities, it is also imported into Smart Build Insight. This includes:

  • Calendars

  • Classification/Activity codes

P6 Calendars can be global or project-specific. Smart Build Insight handles both types, although it only imports those calendars that are used on the imported activities.

In P6, one or more Classification/Activity Codes are assigned to activities. The activity codes are essential to the Smart 5D Mapping functionality (In Development) discussed later in this document. When the Schedule is imported into Smart Build Insight, these activity codes on the activities are linked (matched by name) to the activity codes that already exist in Smart Build Insight. If an activity code value does not exist in Smart Build Insight, it is imported as an orphan for the user to validate later.

Example of P6 Schedule with Activity Codes.

Users can assign a single or multiple activity codes to Activities to group, sort, and filter them as per user requirements. Below is one example of Activity "Apply for shutdown" with 16 Activity Codes.