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Smart Build Insight currently imports only IFC 2x3 and IFC4 model files.

Large model files and granularity: Do not export the entire project model in a single IFC file, as this will negatively impact performance and will make it harder to manage revisions to the model and other aspects in Smart Build Insight. Instead, export the model into multiple files to have a better granularity and therefore flexibility, for instance by discipline.

If the project is a very tall building, do not export the entire building into a single IFC file. Export it into a few files by section for better granularity.

Check the IFC result:

  • After exporting an IFC model, it is good practice to check the IFC model in an IFC viewer or in the authoring software itself by reopening the IFC file.

  • Check that filters that were used for the export are preserved; if the filters were not preserved, you can accomplish the same thing by setting up views to show only the scope you want to be exported and selecting the "Use active view when creating geometry" in the Advanced Options screen (see image below).

  • If the authoring software took more than 5 minutes to reopen the IFC file, see if the file can be logically decomposed, e.g. by discipline, by object type, by building, or by building story.

Number of IFC files: We recommend keeping the number of IFC files to a small number; for instance, do not export each model object into its own IFC file. Too many IFC files create inefficiencies in managing the model, including filtering inside Smart Build Insight.

Revit Export Settings: When exporting the model to IFC format, some settings are required to ensure successful Quantification and 5D Mapping. The following screenshots show the applicable setting options when using Autodesk Revit. Similar options apply to other model authoring tools.

  • IFC Version: IFC 2x3 Coordination View 2.0

  • Property Sets options: Export property sets, IFC common property sets, and base quantities

  • Level of Detail: Medium

  • Advanced options:

ArchiCAD IFC Export Setings: The following screenshots show the applicable setting options when using ArchiCAD.

  • IFC Schema:

  • Conversion Presets:

    Filter the model and decompose it by discipline for efficiency. For example, export the elements by IFC domain.

  • Save As

    Always choose Visible elements (on all stories) while exporting. Export Filter and Settings are optional, however, in case of huge building models, it is recommended that you do not export all floors in a single file better granularity. Use the Filter option to filter the model based on story.

BricsCAD BIM Export settings:

Before exporting to IFC, BricsCAD users must use the DmAudit tool to analyze and automatically fix problems in 3D geometry, which are caused by incorrect operations or if geometry was created in another CAD package and imported using the Import command. It is recommended to run DmAudit whenever 3D geometry is imported if the Import command is not set up to do this automatically.

After fixing 3D geometry using DmAudit, turn off (hide) all the entities that are not essential for Smart Build Insight, and export to IFC using the following settings: