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Sites created using the Smart Engineering Manager Desktop version do not automatically become available in Smart Admin. To make such a site available, it must be imported. You use the Exclude option to remove a site from the list of sites in the Sites page without deleting the site.

It is not possible to import sites that belong to inactive endpoint sources or endpoint sources that are not of type SEM.

Import a site into Smart Admin

  1. In the Smart Admin Sites page, click at the top.

  2. In the Import Site dialog box, from the Endpoint Source Name list, select the endpoint source into which you want to import your site.

  3. Enter information for your site in the boxes as shown in the example.

The logged-in user must be a member of the Site Administrator user group to be able to see the site after import.

Exclude a site

  1. In the Smart Admin Sites page, select any site.

  2. Click (more actions) and then click Exclude.