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SMATJovixEventReceiver console application is obsolete. To receive the Jovix events, the SMAT Connector for Jovix now uses a Windows Service, SMATJovixEventReceiverService. The SMATJovixEventReceiverService service is available from the following versions:

  • 10.1 SP18 and higher.

  • 10.2 SP8 and higher.

  • 10.3 and higher.

After successful installation of the HxGN SMAT Connector:

  • The SMATJovixEventReceiverService service is created as a Windows service and starts automatically.

  • The DB details are automatically added to a configuration file SmatJovixEventReceiverService.exe.config under <connectionStrings> located at <installed path>\bin.

  • The SMATJovixEventReceiverService service establishes a connection with the Jovix Azure Service Bus and starts receiving Jovix events.

    For the SmatJovixEventReceiverService to establish a connection with the Jovix Azure Service Bus, ensure the following:

    • All Smart Materials-Jovix integration project defaults are configured and are not set to null.

    • Azure Service Bus subscription details are configured correctly in the project defaults ZI_JX_AZSB, ZI_JX_TPCN, and ZI_JX_SUBN.

    • The project default ZI_JX_SWCH is set to Yes.

  • The SMATJovixEventReceiverService service automatically checks for changes to the project defaults (ZI_JX_SWCH, ZI_JX_AZSB, ZI_JX_TPCN, and ZI_JX_SUBN) every 5 minutes and accordingly the service re-establishes connection with Azure Service Bus. You can also manually restart the service when you know there are changes to any of the project defaults.

  • If the project default ZI_JX_SWCH is set to No for any project, then, the service removes the connection with the Azure Service Bus for the corresponding Jovix project.