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HxGN SMAT Connector for Jovix

Intergraph Smart Materials
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Administration & Configuration
Smart Materials/Smart Reference Data Version


  • Jovix version 3.0.

  • Smart Materials Production Project Template. Based on the Smart Materials version, the project templates vary. The following table lists the Smart Materials version and the required template.

    Smart Materials Version

    Jovix Template Name

    Smart Materials version 10.01 SP18

    Hexagon-SMAT Production Template V3

    Contact Smart Support for template integration.

  • Jovix Azure Service Bus Subscription details - For more information on Azure Service Bus Subscription details, see Jovix Azure Service Bus details in Project defaults.

  • Jovix API and Token details - For more information on Jovix API and Token related Project Defaults, see Jovix API details and Jovix API Access Token details in Project defaults.

Smart Materials

You must have one of the following Smart Materials versions installed for Smart Materials and Jovix integration to work:

  • Smart Materials version or higher.

  • Smart Materials version or higher.

  • Smart Materials version or higher.