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Receive Jovix events from Azure Service Bus

  1. Navigate to <SMAT Connector for Jovix installed path>\Web\JovixEventReceiver.

  2. Right click JovixEventReceiver.exe and select Run as Administrator.

    The JovixEventReceiver establishes a connection with the Jovix Azure Service Bus and starts receiving Jovix events.

    Before running JovixEventReceiver.exe ensure the following:

    • All Smart Materials-Jovix integration project defaults are configured and are not set to null.

    • Azure Service Bus subscription details are configured correctly in the project defaults ZI_JX_AZSB, ZI_JX_TPCN, and ZI_JX_SUBN.

    • The DBA Setting JVX_INT_SWITCH is set to Y.

    • Smart Materials DB connection details are properly configured in JovixEventReceiver.exe.config file located at <SMAT Connector for Jovix installed path>\Web\JovixEventReceiver.

      If any of the above configurations are incorrect then an error is thrown in the console.

To receive Jovix events, you must always keep the JovixEventReceiver console open.