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Administration & Configuration
Smart Materials/Smart Reference Data Version

Information flow

The following information flow happens from Smart Materials to Jovix:

  • Package item quantity.

  • RN item shipment quantity.

Triggering points

  • Release Note ownership is transferred from Smart Materials to Jovix. For more information on RN ownership transfer see Release Note ownership section in integration of RN transfer of data from Smart Materials to Jovix.

Integration of Release Notes Packages (Containers)

  1. If a package + itemship item quantity in Smart Materials is updated , then the changes are updated to the container + itemship entry in Jovix.

    • A newly created package item in Smart Materials will not be created in Jovix.

    • A package item entry deleted in SMAT will not be deleted in Jovix.

    • Only if the package+itemship combination exists in Jovix, then the quantity changes if any will be updated.

  2. When a RN is deleted in Smart Materials, irrespective of the ownership status, itemship relation with SRN, contianers created under a SRN and its material log entries in Jovix will be deleted

Log files

You can check the Jovix Release Notes integration status in the log files that are saved in the path defined in the DBA setting LOG_FILE_DEST.

The naming format of the log files for Jovix Release Notes is as follows:

JOVIX_APPROVE_SRN<SMAT RN ID>_<Date in dd-mm-yyyy_Time in hhmmss>.log.