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Smart Materials/Smart Reference Data Version




Material Issue Report

Data inconsistency

If a Picklist already exists in Jovix with the same name as Smart Materials MIR name then, while integrating the MIR from Smart Materials the line items are added to existing Jovix Picklist.

Material Issue Report

Data inconsistency

When a user adds additional Picklist items (in Jovix) for a Picklist that is already synced with Smart Materials.

Unite of Measure

Data inconsistency

If a unit (quantity) is not assigned to a line item that is part of a Purchase Order or Material Receive Report.

Purchase Order

Data inconsistency

Condition: For a Reverse Approved PO in Smart Materials.

Scenario: A user changes the Unit of Measure of a line item to Quantity in Smart Materials. When the user transfers the ownership of the PO to Jovix, since the catalog item is already available in Jovix, the new Unit of Measure, Quantity, is not updated in Jovix.


Data not in sync between Smart Materials and Jovix

Scenario: Consider an MRR is created in Smart Materials from Jovix. If the MRR is un-posted in Smart Materials, the un-posted MRR is not synced in Jovix.

This is true for MIR, MTR, and RTI as well.

Reverse Approved PO

Data inconsistency

Condition: A Receipt is created in Jovix but is not synced in Smart Materials.

A user can Reverse Approve the PO in Smart Materials even while the ownership of the PO is with Smart Materials.

Return to Inventory

Data inconsistency

Rule: In Smart Materials, if an RTI is created against an MIR then Revision and Unpost buttons are disabled for the MIR.

Scenario: When an RTI is integrated to Smart Materials from Jovix, the Revision and Unpost buttons for the corresponding MIR in Smart Materials are enabled. You can then create a supplement for the MIR. This is not as per the normal Smart Materials workflow.

Project Name

Data inconsistency

Project Name must be unique across all Jovix instances.

Material Register

Manual creation

In Material Register, user is able to split quantity. For now, the split done in Jovix through Material Register must be manually created in Smart Materials.

Release Notes

Data not in sync between Smart Materials and Jovix.

For an approved RN, the containers created and materials added in Smart Materials are not be reflected in Jovix.