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By default, the version number of Jovix API URLs used for integration is v3. In case of a change in Jovix API Version and its API URLs, then the following CIPs are used:

  • mi_jvx_pck_config_custom.get_url - This function formulates the entire URL of an entity and also calls the function get_base_url internally to get the URL of each Jovix entity such as Purchase Order, Purchase Order items, and so on.

  • mi_jvx_pck_config_custom.get_base_url - This function is used to modify all the Jovix API URLs that are used in integration.

  • When the project default ZI_JX_URLC is set to Y, then the function mi_jvx_pck_config_custom.get_url is used to fetch the Jovix API URLs.

    If the project default ZI_JX_URLC is set to N, then the Jovix API URLs are fetched from the standard package. By default, the standard package uses Jovix API URLs of version v3.

  • You must also change the version number of Jovix API URL in the project default ZI_JX_VER.