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Smart Materials/Smart Reference Data Version

The SMAT Connector for Jovix architecture includes the Smart Materials Environment and the Jovix Application on Cloud.

The Smart Materials Environment has the following components:

  • SMAT Database - SMAT DB Scripts and SMAT Connector for Jovix database scripts are now part of Smart Materials DB setup.

  • HxGN SMAT Connector for Jovix - The HxGN SMAT Connector for Jovix is hosted on the IIS Server. You must install HxGN SMAT Connector for Jovix using the installer that is delivered with the Smart Materials setup.

    The HxGN SMAT Connector for Jovix includes the following two components:

    • Jovix Wrapper Endpoint (for Smart Materials to Jovix) - contains the Jovix Wrapper Endpoint (Proxy) for Smart Materials to communicate with Jovix. Any information flow from Smart Materials to Jovix happens through Jovix Wrapper Endpoint which acts as a proxy to make calls from Smart Materials to Jovix REST API.

    • JovixEventReceiver.exe (for Jovix to Smart Materials) - establishes a connection with the Jovix Azure Service Bus. The JovixEventReceiver.exe listens to Jovix events hosted on the Jovix Azure Service Bus (ASB). When a event is hosted on the Azure Service Bus and a connection has been established, the JovixEventReceiver.exe fetches information from ASB and passes it to Smart Materials Database.

      • For every project, the JovixEventReceiver.exe establishes a separate connection with Azure Service Bus.

      • If the connection between JovixEventReceiver.exe and Azure Service Bus is not established, then all the events generated from Jovix are stored in the Azure Service Bus.

      • The Smart Materials database maintains a separate URL for each project.

The Jovix Application is hosted on Cloud using the Azure platform and has two components:

  • Jovix Rest API - Jovix REST API provides set of rules to access and use the Jovix APIs with Smart Materials.

  • Azure Service Bus - The Azure Service Bus hosts the event information triggered from Jovix. Once a connection is established between Smart Materials and Jovix APIs, using the URLs from Smart Materials, the event information from Jovix is passed to the JovixEventReceiver.exe.

Architecture - SMAT Connector for Jovix