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Administration & Configuration
Smart Materials/Smart Reference Data Version


  • Before integrating containers from Jovix, you must:

    • Integrate package types from Smart Materials to Jovix.

    • Integrate RN from Smart Materials to Jovix.

  • The following project defaults and the default values are used during the workflow:

    • ZP_PCK_DIM for units of dimensions.

    • ZX_DIM for units of dimensions.

      If ZP_PCK_DIM is not defined, then the application takes the default value defined for ZX_DIM.

    • ZX_Weight for unit of weights.

    • ZP_PCK_QTY for package item quantity against RN item shipment quantity.

    • ZX_VOL for units of volume.

Information flow

The following information flow happens from Jovix to Smart Materials:

  • Containers (Packages in Smart Materials)

    If a Container Type is not selected in Jovix, then for the integration to be successful, a Package Type called PACKAGE must be available in Smart Materials.

Triggering points

When RN ownership is transferred from Jovix to Smart Materials or when Traffic Coordinator recalls RN ownership.

Integration of Release Notes Containers (Packages)

  1. By default the container dimensions (height, width, and length) are set to 1. To change the dimensions in Smart Materials, contact the Smart Materials Administrator.

  2. Volume is auto calculated.

  3. The container name in Jovix is reflected as package name in Smart Materials.

  4. Packages are integrated with the Smart Materials project that is mapped with a Jovix project and defined in the project default ZI_JX_PROJ and are created in the discipline of the RN..

  5. During Ownership transfer of SRN, all containers and item-shipments added to these containers are integrated with Smart Materials. If a package in Smart Materials is available with the same container name, then item ships are added or quantity is updated (if item ship is already added) to the package under that Release note entry.

  6. During integration, the package item quantity is validated against the RN item shipment quantity based on the project default ZP_PCK_QTY which takes the following values:

    • ZP_PCK_QTY = N - package quantity must not exceed item shipment quantity. Package integration from Jovix to Smart Materials fails when the project default ZP_PCK_QTY value is set to N and if package quantity is greater than the item shipment quantity.

    • ZP_PCK_QTY = Y - package quantity can exceed the item shipment quantity.

  7. If the integration fails, complete data is reverted and the status of RN is updated to Jovix Control.

    You can fix the errors and then initiate integration by updating the RN status to SMAT Control.

  8. One or more than one container can be integrated for one RN.

  9. In Jovix, one container is linked to only one RN.

  10. LOT Package checkbox must be cleared.

  11. If the package type assigned to Jovix container is not available in Smart Materials then it is created as a package type Package if it is available in Smart Materials.

  12. If a package with the same name as in Jovix is available in Smart Materials then any change in item quantity is updated during integration.

  13. If RN Ownership is transferred to Smart Materials then, a user cannot perform the following actions in Jovix:

    • Container creation from Supplier Staging based on this Release Notes.

    • Receipt creation based on this Release Notes.

      To perform the above mentioned actions, the Traffic coordinator must transfer RN ownership to Jovix. However, a Jovix user cannot forcefully get back the RN ownership in Jovix.

Only RNs of projects that have the project default ZI_JX_PROJ defined are integrated with the corresponding Smart Materials project.

Log files

You can check the Jovix Release Notes integration status in the log files that are saved in the path defined in the DBA setting LOG_FILE_DEST. You can also access the log files from Jovix Integration Report in Smart Materials Web.

  • The naming format of the integration log file for packages is as follows:

    JOVIX_RN_PCK_<Jovix receipt ID>_<Date in dd-mm-yyyy_Time in hhmmss>.log

  • When the Release Note ownership is recalled by the Traffic Coordinator in Smart Materials then, RN ownership transfer log is created in the following format:

    JOVIX_RECALL_SRN_OWNERSHIP_<SMAT RN_ID>_Date in dd-mm-yyyy_Time in hhmmss>.log

  • When Release Note ownership is transferred from Smart Materials to Jovix, the Approve SRN log is created in the following format:

    JOVIX_APPROVE_SRN_<SMAT RN ID>_<Date in dd-mm-yyyy_Time in hhmmss>.log