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lThis section discusses the flow of data for Material Returns (Return to Inventory in Smart Materials) from Jovix to Smart Materials. The following information flow happens:

  • Material Return ID

  • Item Code

  • Return Quantity

Only RTIs of projects that have the project default ZI_JX_PROJ defined are integrated with the Jovix project.

SMAT Jovix - RTI Integration - WorkFlow

Triggering point for RTI creation

  1. Material Return is initiated when the Material Return status is set to Completed.

  2. Only items with status as Completed are integrated.

RTI integration

  1. Material Return in Jovix is integrated as Return to Inventory in Smart Materials.

  2. Use the following process to fetching data for Material Return in Jovix:

    1. Integrate MIR and MIR line items from Smart Materials to Jovix (Picklist and Picklist items).

    2. Select the integrated picklist, picklist items, and type the picking quantity in the Picklist screen.

    3. Change the picklist status to Completed.

      The corresponding MIR is posted in Smart Materials.

    4. Use the integrated picklist and create a MIR in Jovix.

    5. Add the picklist items to MIR.

    6. Create a Material Return in Jovix and then assign the MIR items to Material Return.

    7. Change the Material Return status to Completed,

      The Material Return and its items are integrated with Smart Materials as RTI.

  3. During integration, the SMAT Connector for Jovix makes the following validations:

    1. If the picklist item associated with Material Return exists in Smart Materials

    2. If the picklist header (MIR Header) is posted in Smart Materials.

    3. If the picklist header (MIR Header) has a higher revision and is open.

    4. If the Jovix return quantity exceeds Smart Materials maximum return quantity.

  • In case of validation failures or errors during integration, Material Return integration data is rolled back and the status in Jovix is changed to Open and a reason for failure is added to Notes.

  • You can fix the errors and re-integrate the Material Return by updating the status to Completed.

  • You can not re-open a Material Return once the Material Return status is set to Completed.

Log files

You can check the RTI integration status in the log files and are saved in the path defined in the DBA setting LOG_FILE_DEST.

The naming format of the log files for RTIs is as follows:

JOVIX_RTI_<JOVIXENTITY_ID>_<Date in dd-mm-yyyy_Time in hhmmss>.log

Data Mapping

The following table lists the data integration between Smart Materials and Jovix.


Smart Materials





IDENT [Tag Number]