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Administration & Configuration
Smart Materials/Smart Reference Data Version

The following information flow happens from Smart Materials to Jovix:

  • MIR header (Picklist in Jovix)

  • MIR line items (Picklist items in Jovix)

MIR approval integration

  1. Only approved MIRs with status as Unposted are integrated with Jovix.

  2. Issue From location is not an over issue warehouse – If any line item has over issue, then the line item is not considered for Jovix integration.

  3. MIR data in Jovix is replaced with the latest MIR supplement data from Smart Materials

  4. Jovix does not maintain the history of the MIR data. Only the latest MIR supplement data is available with Jovix.

  5. The warehouse/location details of a Smart Materials MIR item are integrated against the Planned Location field in the Pick List Items screen. You must pick the material from the Planned Location.

MIR reverse approval integration

  1. MIR integration happens immediately after the Reverse Approval button is clicked.

  2. In case of reverse approval of an MIR with supplement = 0, the picklist and picklist line items data is deleted from Jovix.

  3. In case of reverse approval of an MIR with supplement > 0, the picklist and picklist line items data in Jovix is reverted back to the previous supplement data.

  4. Reverse approval integration of an MIR is not possible, except in the following condition:

    Once a Jovix picklist item is transacted (requested, picked, or issued) the associated picklist and picklist item cannot be deleted by the integration.

Log files

You can check the MIR integration status in the log files that are saved in the path defined in the DBA setting LOG_FILE_DEST.

The naming format of the log files for status associated MIRs is as follows:

For approved MIR:

JOVIX_APPROVE_UNPOSTED_MIR_<Date in dd-mm-yyyy_Time in hhmmss>.log

For reverse approved MIR:

JOVIX_REVERSE_UNPOSTED_MIR_<Date in dd-mm-yyyy_Time in hhmmss>.log