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Time and money are essential components of any construction project. Material availability impacts both time and money and the two primary issues are:

  • knowing where material is in the inventory or when the material will arrive either on the jobsite or in inventory.

  • finding materials in the warehouse without delay to avoid re-procurement.

Jovix helps you:

  • digitize and automate the manual paper-based data collection in your supply chain.

  • provides real-time visibility of your supply chain using a combination of mobile devices, RFID tags, barcode labels, and geo-tracking.

Smart Materials Connector for Jovix (SMAT Connector for Jovix)

The SMAT Connector for Jovix enables Smart Materials customers to use Jovix application for material inventory management on a Site and to perform supplier activities like staging and Packing the material. The connector transfers Purchase Order (PO), Release Notes (RN), Warehouses, Material Issue Report (MIR by BOM/Reservation), Ident, and Supplier information from Smart Materials to Jovix. Thus, enabling users to perform packing and inventory related related workflows such as receiving, transfer, and issue of material in Jovix application.

You can also synchronize data such as Packages by RN/Containers, Material Receipts (by PO/RN/Direct), Material Issues/Picklist (by BOM/Reervation), Material Transfers, and Return to Inventory/Material Return from Jovix to Smart Materials. Thus enabling you to perform further activities in Smart Materials using data that was captured in Jovix.

Workflow diagram

The following illustration depicts the flow of data between Smart Materials and Jovix.

Smart Materials-Jovix Workflow

The HxGN SMAT Connector for Jovix Guide details:

Supported version for Smart Materials Jovix Integration

Integration between Smart Materials and Jovix is now available for the following Smart Materials versions:

  • Smart Materials 10.1 SP14 or higher.

  • Smart Materials 10.2 SP4 or higher.

  • Smart Materials 10.3 or higher.

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